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The Editorial board decided to enlarge the activity of Post Horn and open a library of postal history, in order to get important historic resources in our field to interested collectors and researchers.

As it was part of Paolo Vollmeiers personal reference collection, some of these important documents are the original photocopies Paolo made in the different State Archives (Milan, Rome, Florence, Paris, Vienna, Munich).

The timescale of the documentation goes basically from 1695 to 1870, and covers primary and secondary resources about Old Italy, related to the most important European Countries: France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, German States, Netherlands.

I followed principally Paolo’s system, but making some corrections and new, to me more logical sequences. All the material has been digitalized and I made an inventory.

The chapters are:

  1. Postal conventions, regulations and decrees
  2. Various documents about the post in the State Archive of Milan
  3. Postal Conventions of the State Archive of Milan
  4. Postal history collections
  5. Miscellaneous documents regarding postal history
  6. Studies and articles

In this way, we hope that that once again Post Horn has rung the bells of innovation and information-sharing in postal history and other postal documents easy and fast access at your home.  

Thomas Mathà


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