by Lorenzo Carra

The non-profit “Aldo Cecchi” Institute of Postal History Studies in Prato
is an inexhaustible source of news and often of pleasant surprises.
While rearranging and classifying the 1843 issues of the Austrian Lloyd
Journal of Trieste, I realized that there were two copies of issue
No. 103 Year IX, dated “Saturday 26 August 1843”. I did not trash or
throw away the duplicate issue (that would have spelled trouble!),
rather I put it aside to examine it with greater tranquility and attention
at a later time. For your information, the Institute keeps duplicates in a
separate sector, available for possible collection by members.

On the newspaper of “maritime and commercial news” printed by
“I. Papsch & C. Tip. of the Austrian Lloyd” I read that “It is issued on
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday” and that “the cost of advertising is for
one time ads 3 car. [carantani or kreuzer, the Austrian currency] per line, for three times car. 6 per line”.

It does not carry any price indication and it advises that the “Subscription for Trieste for one year is 25 f. [fiorini, Austrian currency equivalent to 60 carantani or kreuzer], for six months f. 13… To be paid to the Austrian Lloyd
and at the respective post offices”.