by Giorgio Migliavacca

A book written by Ketty Borgogno, Asti 2019, perfect bound, colour cover, 160 pages (A4), colour illustrations throughout, in Italian. Bibliography, glossary and codification of the colours of the Italian Castles Definitive series. €39 + postage & handling; payment and postage queries to; members of CIFO, AFIS, and SUBALPINA pay €35 + postage & handling.

It is truly refreshing to see the interest generated by the Italian definitives of the post World War II era. Most collectors cannot afford to assemble a specialised collection of any earlier definitive series because it would require a fat wallet; additionally, legendary collections of the past cannot be re-built because they were rich in unique and show-stopping items that have been sold to a number of collectors.

Nevertheless it can be done by drawing specific distinctions such as limiting
the collection to the stamps and not to their postal use on various categories of mail. This may not necessarily guarantee gold medal awards, or it may depending on how creative and original is one’s approach.