by Giorgio Migliavacca

A book written by Luca De Battisti and Luca Savini, Vignola 2018, in Italian, hardbound, 480 color pages (8.5” x 11.5”), maps, 900 color illustrations, history and postal history overview, each section has its own bibliography, indexes. €50 (+ postage) Vaccari,

The co-authors of this remarkable volume are the late Luca De Battisti and
Luca Savini who availed themselves of the collaboration of first class scholars.

This opus has five solid pillars:

  1. An historical overview;
  2. A comprehensive outline of Milanese postal history;
  3. Adhesive postage stamps;
  4. Tariffs and postal services; and
  5. A generously annotated Cancellations and Postmarks Catalogue (1849-1859) which takes up half of the pages of this volume.