by Giorgio Migliavacca

Being a survivor of some sixteen hurricanes (including the dreadful Hugo, Irma and, Maria) brings to my memory some of the editorials I wrote for The Island Sun newspaper during the thirty-six hurricane seasons I experienced in the Caribbean; one was titled “Expect the Unexpected” and a similar one was headlined “Overprepared is better than unprepared”. I need not elaborate, you know what I am aiming at during our Covid-19 complex times.

The impact of the pandemic emergency has also affected the stamp world, suffice to mention the postponement of London 2020 and many other important national and international stamp events.
Yet, for many of us, philately and postal history are proving therapeutic during the lockdown and restrictions caused by the global ordeal. Our brain activity does not waste time to feed depression and hypochondria; instead, we are mentally stimulated by our puzzles concerning overprints, postal tariffs and routes, reprints as well as “return to sender” covers (speaking of which we should return Covid-19 to the sender).

At this time we watch less television and read fewer newspapers because, quite honestly, we have rarely had so much time for our pleasurable avocation; we happily soak stamps, measure perforations, look for a sideways watermark, and search for the location of a certain Field Post Office.