by Roberto Quondamatteo

Rear Admiral Frederic R. Harris U.S.N. passed away July 20th, 1949, at the age of 74 (Fig. 1). In addition to having served his country with honor and devotion, Frederic Harris was a great collector and passionate philatelist.
His famous collections of Ancient Italian States and Ceylon, considered the best of all times were completed in the U.S.A. and well-known worldwide.

His most important collection, however, was the “Hawaii collection”; given his great knowledge of the stamps and of the postal history of Hawaii, Harris collaborated to the publication of the prestigious volume “Hawaii, its Stamps and Postal History” (Fig. 2) published in 1948 by the Philatelic Foundation. He obtained much recognitions : he was the Secretary of the Directors’ Committee of the Third International Philatelic Exhibition (TIPEX), held in New York in 1936 and President of the Centenary of the Stamp International Exhibition(CIPEX) of 1947, and one of the founders (as well as a Trustee) of the Philatelic Foundation, of which he was President until his death. In 1950 his name was included in the Hall of Fame of the “American Philatelic Society” in consideration of his contribution to philately.