The launch and official presentation of “POST HORN – Magazine of International Postal History” on 22 March at the International Stamp Show “Milanofil” has been greeted by scores of attendees and by stamps and postal history collectors and market operators. A sizable number of wellwishers have become CIFO members to secure the subscription to future issues of this lavishly produced periodical.

The presentation by Elisa Volpato (in the centre), designer of “Post Horn” has been described by attendees as dynamic and multimedia, editorial board member and acclaimed postal historian Thomas Mathà (first from left) also contributed to the brilliant event which was part of the traditional session under the aegis of USFI (the Italian Philatelic Journalists Union)


During the two eventful days the new periodical has laid the foundations for a constructive cooperation with the Bern-based Universal Postal Union (UPU), as well as collaboration with Poste Italiane Foundation “PROPOSTA” aimed at promoting postal history. Poste Italiane marketing director Andrea Alfieri facilitated the meeting between Editor Claudio Manzati and the Foundation president as well as with Mrs Antonella Veschi.

As a most welcome surprise was the encounter with the new president of the International Federation of Philately (FIP) Bernard Preston who was presented with a copy of “POST HORN” and Giorgio Migliavacca’s recent book “Compendium of the History of the Italian Posts” [FIP president Bernard Beston, right, is pictured here with Dr. Claudio Manzati, left].