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Why a new postal history magazine?

Well, we believe that we can offer through an international network articles to readers who are interested on a broader view of the history of the post and of philately, which comprises key elements such as paper, letter writing, stamps, routes and communications in a combination with historical developments: all contributing factors to a more comprehensive view of “postal history”.

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Post Horn Magazine presented to FIP President

Bernard Beston, President of the International Federation of Philately (FIP) is pictured here receiving a copy of the issue No. 1 of  POST HORN  – INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE OF POSTAL HISTORY – from its Editor in Chief, Dr. Claudio E. Manzati during the 22-24 November Mega Stamp Show in Verona.   Post Horn  No. 1 will […]

POST HORN Magazine: The Number Zero issue presented to His Majesty King Simeon II of Bulgaria at Plovdiv

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – Plovdiv is the 2019 European Capital of Culture together with the Italian city of Matera; from 17 to 20 October Plovdiv hosted a major stamp exhibition jointly organised by the Philatelic Federation of the Philatelic Societies of Bulgaria and the European Academies of Philately. During the exhibition the Number Zero of the […]

Post Horn Magazine on Vaccari News

The most important italian philatelic web magazine “Vaccari News” published on April 24th a very beautiful and appreciated article, “With the post horn”, about our new editorial adventure. Here below we reprint the full article due to the Vaccari News director, Fabio Bonacina. For the original article click here. With the post horn Here comes […]

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All is well, that ends well

by Claudio Ernesto Manzati After releasing the test issue N 00 of “POST HORN Magazine of International Postal History” at Milanofil 2019 and officially presenting it at Stockholmia 2019, the timely release of this issue, N 01, was not so obvious. In fact as soon as the New York-based Scandinavian Collectors Club (SCC, http://www.scc-online.org/posthorn) heard […]

Ethiopia's unique postal history

by Ulf Johan Lindahl Emperor Menelik’s victory at the Battle of Adwa, on 1 March 1896, was a defining event for Ethiopia (Fig. 1). His army of 100,000 spear and gun-wielding soldiers, peasants, and men commanded by Ras Makonnen – father of the future Emperor Haile Selassie – crushed the Italian colonial army that had […]

Mail transportation and fumigation of letters at Piraeus during the 1884 cholera epidemic

by Anthony Virvilis In the summer of 1884, a cholera epidemic broke out, following errors by the British sanitary authorities in Alexandria the previous year. The epidemic first appeared in Toulon and then in Marseilles. It spread through Italy, with Naples being the afflicted region. Measures taken each time by the Greek government for the […]