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Post Horn is a brand new Magazine of International Postal History.

The post horn was the musical instrument ‘par excellence’ used by postilions during the 18th and 19th century to signal the arrival or departure of a postal courier or a mail coach. It became one of the most important iconic aspects of the postal service and it is still used by many national postal services to identify their range of services. It is no surprise that symphonic music and opera composers such as Rossini, Mozart, Adam and Mahler could not resist the temptation to feature this instrument in their compositions.

Post Horn’ aim is to herald new information about postal history – on a global scale with eye-appeal graphics and illustrations. Post Horn is headed by Claudio Ernesto Manzati, assisted by an editorial board including Giorgio Migliavacca and Thomas Mathà, who are also co-founders of the magazine, and a number of international contributing editors on our website www.posthornmagazine.com which provides their profiles.

The magazine will average 100 pages per issue with a twice a year periodicity, it will be sent free to the members of CIFO the Italian Collectors of Definitive Stamps www.cifo.eu and – at this early stage – the magazine is being sent to all Postal History Societies to familiarize all potential readership about its existence while imparting additional momentum to this fascinating aspect of history.

Read for free a browsable version of our magazine:
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Post Horn Nr. 1
Post Horn Nr. 0

You may ask: why a new postal history magazine?

Well, we believe that we can offer through an international network articles to readers who are interested on a broader view of the history of the post and of philately, which comprises key elements such as paper, letter writing, stamps, routes and communications in a combination with historical developments: all contributing factors to a more comprehensive view of “postal history”.

We also think that the contents should be presented with captivating graphics and layout to expand our readership to both scholars of other aspects of history and newcomers. In fact, in recent years we have noticed a growing interest of academicians about postal history, this positive development is due to the publication of truly scholarly books and articles.

The language of the magazine is English, but it will be possible to download the text of the articles in the language of the author and in Italian from the website of Post Horn www.posthornmagazine.com

Enjoy discovering new facets, themes and subjects of postal history and if you can make an interesting contribution, do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@posthornmagazine.com or board@posthornmagazine.com



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