The most important italian philatelic web magazine “Vaccari News” published on April 24th a very beautiful and appreciated article, “With the post horn”, about our new editorial adventure. Here below we reprint the full article due to the Vaccari News director, Fabio Bonacina.

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With the post horn

Here comes “POST HORN MAGAZINE” born in Italy, published twice a year, in English, aimed at widening the audience of people interested in the history of postal communications worldwide.
“New horizons for postal history”: this is how the publication “Post horn magazine” is heralded, the title comes from the iconic horn of the messengers, postilions and couriers used to announce their arrival; naturally a nice post horn adorns the cover of the issue number zero, now in distribution in Europe and globally.

Although written in English, the author’s language version of the article can be found on POST HORN Web site

This lavishly produced magazine is not for sale but reserved to members of the Italian Collectors of Ordinary Stamps (CIFO), the annual fee amounts to 30.00 euros.

Post Horn intends to become a six-month reference point for enthusiasts from all over the world. The idea, says the editor and publisher, Claudio Ernesto Manzati, was born in Verona last year; the goal is to offer “relevant content”, aimed at collectors, postal historians and readers who are not necessarily collectors. Thomas Mathà, member with Giorgio Migliavacca of the editorial board, says that the publication will strive to be a “magazine different from all the others”. For the graphic department Elisa Volpato brings the magic touch of Italian design and lay out; she reiterates the desire for a modern approach, able to give a central role to images.

The articles of contributing writers contained in the 92 pages are signed by David Feldman (he writes about classic emerald stamps), Lorenzo Carra (the telegram by Léon Gambetta), Raphaël Livnat (letters from Jerusalem to Italy using the French Post), Emilio Simonazzi (the philatelic trade in the Bel Paese during the 19th century), Martino Laurenzi (the royal families correspondence between London and the Bourbon court in Naples), Arthur Groten (the ancient use of sealing the mail with wax), Thomas Mathà (correspondence sent by Austria and Lombardy-Veneto to addressees in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies). A section devoted to book reviews is contributed by Giorgio Migliavacca.